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New American Strategies for Security and Peace
Conference Transcripts:

Final Remarks - John Podesta

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I want to say something about the speakers before I turn it over to Dick. I think if you think about the breadth and depth of the experience and the people who have been here over the last couple of days and you think about the work they have done for this country and the crises they have faced and the ability to solve problems that have been demonstrated starting with the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Camp David Accords, the normalization of relations with China, the first Gulf War, the North Korea crisis of 1994, the Taiwan Straights Crisis in the 1990’s, the Mexico and Asian financial crises, the Good Friday Peace Accords in Northern Ireland, the reconstruction of Bosnia, the reversal of ethnic cleansing in Kosovo, the ability to bring up East Timor.

The people that we’ve heard from over the course of these two days were front and center in solving those crises, and they did it with patient, careful diplomacy combined with a willingness to use force when absolutely necessary. I think we would do well to heed their council and to think about the strategic advice that they provided not only to the people who are here at the conference but to the people of our country as we move forward.

I’m going to turn the podium over to Dick Leone who has some thoughts about what at least the three of us heard coming out of all of our speakers and all of our panels. I’m gonna turn it over to Dick.