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Mission Statement:

Patriotic Americans of all political persuasions are concerned about the recent radical changes in U.S. foreign policy. There is mounting evidence that the present course will weaken rather than strengthen America's own security; reduce rather than increase world stability; and create more hostility towards the United States rather than admiration for our dynamic economy and democratic way of life.

America needs a new national security policy rooted in the bipartisan tradition that won the Cold War and kept the peace -- a policy that combines strength, prudence, realism, and multilateralism.

Since the end of World War II, American governments led by both political parties have worked to bring nations together to fight aggression, oppression, terrorism, poverty, and environmental degradation. They have worked to expand human and democratic rights, and to contain radical ideologies and the proliferation of nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons. Built largely through American leadership, alliances and international institutions, though imperfect, have established a long record of enhancing international stability and promoting balanced growth.

American policies that undercut these alliances and institutions invite fragmentation and conflict. They reduce our own security. Great damage was done to America's own security and to the fabric of multilateral cooperation by the manner in which the United States pursued virtually unilateral war in Iraq. While the immediate war aim of overthrowing Saddam Hussein succeeded, the collateral damage was immense, and it continues.

New American Strategies for Security and Peace is a collaborative effort sponsored by distinguished national security experts, aimed at restoring the bipartisan and multilateral tradition of realism in American foreign policy. Our website,, will offer a wide array of papers, articles, and research materials that will help our country to restore a more reliable strategy of security and peace.
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